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    Another aspect of change control, in some systems, isthe ability to keep track of the status of eachchange. Some changes have been written by a developer,others have been reviewed by a second developer, and soon. Generally, the way to do this with CVS is togenerate a diff (using cvs diff or diff)and email it to someone who can then apply it using thepatch utility. This is very flexible, butdepends on mechanisms outside CVS to make surenothing falls through the cracks.
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RemovedLocker keywordLocking fileslocks, cvs, and backupslocks, cvs, introductionlocks, cvs, technical detailsLog (subcommand)Log information, savingLog keywordLog message entryLog message templateLog message, correctinglog message, verifyingLog messagesLog messages, editingLogin (subcommand)loginfo (admin file)Logout (subcommand)mMail, automatic mail on commitMailing listMailing log messagesMain trunk and branchesmakeMany repositoriesMarkers, conflictMerge, an exampleMerge, branch exampleMergingMerging a branchMerging a fileMerging two revisionsmkmodulesModifications, copying between branchesModule statusModule, definingModules (admin file)Modules fileModules file, changingmodules.dbmodules.dirmodules.pagMotivation for branchesmoving a repositoryMoving directoriesMoving filesmoving tagsMultiple developersMultiple repositoriesnName keywordName, symbolic (tag)Needs CheckoutNeeds MergeNeeds PatchNewsgroupsnotify (admin file)Notify file, in CVS directoryNotify.tmp file, in CVS directoryNumber, branch, Number, branchNumber, revision-ooption defaultsOptions, globaloptions, in modules fileOutdating revisionsOverlapOverriding CVSREADOverriding CVSROOTOverriding EDITOROverriding RCSBINOverriding TMPDIROverviewownership, saving in CVSpParallel repositoriespasswd (admin file)password client, usingpassword server, setting upPATH, environment variablePer-directory sticky tags/datesPer-module editorpermissions, generalpermissions, saving in CVSpermissions, Windows-specificPolicyPrecommit checkingPreservePermissions, in CVSROOT/configPserver (subcommand)PVCS, importing files fromrRCS history filesRCS revision numbersRCS, importing files fromRCS-style lockingRCSBIN, in CVSROOT/configRCSBIN, overridingRCSfile keywordrcsinfo (admin file)Rdiff (subcommand)read-only files, and -rread-only files, and CVSREADread-only files, and watchesread-only files, in repositoryRead-only moderead-only repository accessreaders (admin file)Recursive (directory descending)Reference manual (files)Reference manual for variablesReference, commandsregular expression syntaxRegular modulesRelease (subcommand)Releases, revisions and versionsReleasing your working copyRemote repositoriesRemove (subcommand)Removing a changeremoving directoriesRemoving filesRemoving your working copyRenaming directoriesRenaming filesrenaming tagsReplacing a log messageReporting bugsRepositories, multipleRepositories, remoteRepository (intro)Repository file, in CVS directoryRepository, backing upRepository, exampleRepository, how data is storedrepository, movingRepository, setting upreserved checkoutsResetting sticky tagsResolving a conflictRestoring old version of removed fileResurrecting old version of dead fileRetrieve a branchRetrieving an old revision using tagsreverting to repository versionRevision keywordRevision managementRevision numbersRevision numbers (branches)Revision treeRevision tree, making branchesRevisions, merging differences betweenRevisions, versions and releasesRight-hand optionsRoot file, in CVS directoryrshRtag (subcommand)rtag, creating a branch usingsSaving spaceSCCS, importing files fromSecurity, file permissions in repositorysecurity, GSSAPIsecurity, kerberossecurity, of pserversecurity, setuidserver, CVSserver, temporary directoriessetgidSetting up a repositorysetuidSignum SupportSource keywordSource, getting CVS sourceSource, getting from CVSspecial filesSpecifying datesSpreading informationStarting a project with CVSState keywordStatus of a fileStatus of a modulesticky dateSticky tagsSticky tags, resettingSticky tags/dates, per-directoryStoring log messagesstream authenticationStructureSubdirectoriesSupport, getting CVS supportsymbolic link, importingsymbolic linksSymbolic name (tag)Syntax of info filesSystemAuth, in CVSROOT/configtTag (subcommand)Tag file, in CVS directoryTag programtag, command, introductiontag, creating a branch usingtag, exampleTag, retrieving old revisionsTag, symbolic nametaginfoTagstags, renamingTags, stickytc, Trivial Compiler (example)Team of developersTEMP, environment variableTemplate file, in CVS directoryTemplate for log messagetemporary directories, and servertemporary files, location ofThird-party sourcesTimetimezone, in inputtimezone, in outputTMP, environment variableTMPDIR, environment variableTMPDIR, overridingTopLevelAdmin, in CVSROOT/configTraceTraceabilityTracking sourcesTransactions, atomic, lack ofTrivial Compiler (example)Typical repositoryuumask, for repository filesUndoing a changeunedit (subcommand)Unknownunreserved checkoutsUp-to-dateUpdate (subcommand)Update programupdate, introductionupdate, to display file statusUpdate.prog file, in CVS directoryUpdating a fileuser aliasesusers (admin file)vVendorVendor branchverifymsg (admin file)versions, of CVSVersions, revisions and releasesViewing differenceswwatch add (subcommand)watch off (subcommand)watch on (subcommand)watch remove (subcommand)watchers (subcommand)WatchesWdiff (import example)web pages, maintaining with CVSWhat (shell command)What branches are good forWhat is CVS not?What is CVS?When to commitWindows, and permissionsWork-session, example ofWorking copyWorking copy, removingWrapperswriters (admin file)zzone, time, in inputzone, time, in output
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