• doorscan.js

    From kk4qbn@VERT/KK4QBN to All on Tue Mar 26 20:40:24 2024
    anyone have any luck getting doorscan.js to actually do much? I've got it working as far as saving all the usage data for the doors, etc. but, on the website portion of the script it does'nt show any of that data. will it take a bit of usage before the data starts to show?

    the included docs does say it is'nt finished as far as the scorefile and newsfile usage, etc. but it does say the web page worksm just not for me.

    as far as I can tell, everything *appears* to look as far as I can tell, but I'm by far no programmer, I just get by :) Does anyone have the app finished up, or one like it? I'm slowly learning more JS but it is taking a while.

    would like to have something on the website that would show a group of games, with thumbnails of a screenshot of each game and scorefiles, newsfiles, along with a link to rlogin to the game all on one page.. I'm sure it has already been done, and I will soon or later get it done, if it does'nt yet exist.


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