• src/sbbs3/ansiterm.cpp

    From Rob Swindell (in GitKraken)@VERT to Git commit to main/sbbs/master on Mon Mar 20 17:56:11 2023
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    Remove the call to sync() from ansi_getlines()

    This was needed back in the v2 days to be sure the escape sequence was sent *after* an output buffer before might've been cleared by a user's abort/Ctrl-C action. SYNC/ASYNC called riosync() which called rioctl(TXSYNC) and we have no equivalent in Synchronet for TCP/IP (modern sbbs). A user's Ctrl-C will clear all pending I/O, but won't prevent subsequent output from being sent (until
    the abort condition is cleared) as used to be the case with serial I/O.

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