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    From Rob Swindell@VERT to Git commit to main/sbbs/m on Sun Jan 29 20:20:00 2023
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    src/sbbs3/chat.cpp download.cpp ftpsrvr.c logfile.cpp logon.cpp logout.cpp mailsrvr.c main.cpp mqtt.c mqtt.h newuser.cpp postmsg.cpp sbbs.h server.h services.c upload.cpp websrvr.c xtrn_sec.cpp
    Log Message:
    The 3rd great MQTT data scheme update (sorry Nelgin)

    - Most published messages (besides log entries) have a timestamp (in ISO8601 format) prepended and tab-separated
    - The order and number of elements in client messages (list and activities) has been updated, now includes user number
    - Server client lists are now published to .../SERVER/client/list
    - Server client activities (connect, disconnect, update) are now published to .../SERVER/client/action/#
    - Server client count is now published to .../SERVER/client (with the maximum client count, if applicable)
    - Server states are now just represented by name (e.g. initializing, ready, stopping, stopped) and not number
    - BBS errors are logged to sbbs/BBS/action/error/LEVEL (where LEVEL is the log level name, e.g. "critical" or "error')
    - All server hack-attempts, SPAM attempts, logins, logouts, uploads, downloads, are published to sbbs/BBS/action/ACTION/*
    - Chat pages are published to sbbs/BBS/action/page/node/#
    - New users (on the terminal server) are published to sbbs/BBS/action/newuser
    - Posted messages and executed external programs (on the terminal server) are published to sbbs/BBS/action/ACTION/CODE topic
    - The event thread started/stopped status is published to .../SERVER/event

    Yeah, the wiki will get updated soon to reflect/document all these changes

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